1. What We're Looking For

  • Originality: We love unique, creative designs that reflect personal stories or visions.
  • Feasibility: While we appreciate all ideas, we're looking for designs that can realistically be produced.
  • Alignment with Isla Ida's Ethos: Designs should resonate with our brand's commitment to style, quality, and sustainability.

2. How to Submit Your Design

  • Sketch or Description: Send us a clear sketch or detailed description of your idea.
  • Submit Online: send your design to support@islaida.com Make sure to include your contact information and a brief story behind your design.
  • Social Media Option: Alternatively, share your design on Instagram using the hashtag #DesignForIslaIda. Tag us @islaida

3. The reward

  • Recognition: The creator of the selected design will be featured on our website and social media.
  • Product Sample: Receive a free sample of your design once it’s produced.
  • Exclusive Discount: A special discount on Isla Ida products for a year.