How do I place an order?

You can easily get your favorite item by clicking the "Add to cart" button and checking out!*


What happens if I'm not at home?

Lucky you! You don't have to stay at home to receive your favorite bracelet and rings! All orders will be shipped in a package that fit through your mailbox.


How do I cancel my order?

Changed your mind about your order? Maybe you want a different bracelet? Quickly contact us so we can try to change your order before we send it. 

We send out all orders in 1 - 12 hours to ensure the fastest delivery possible.

Is your order already on its way? In this case, it would be best to send back your order once it arrives.

What happens if a product is not in stock?

Due to the popularity of our bracelets and rings, it may happen that your favorite bracelets & rings are out of stock. We will do our best to make and re-stock them as fast as we can. Since our bracelets & rings are carefully hand-made this takes longer than you'd normally expect with other non hand-made items.

Can I return or exchange my order?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all orders. That's why we offer 14-day returns and a 12-month warranty. 


How do I send something back?

1. Contact support here 
2. Send back the item(s) you want to return
3. Receive the money back to your account.

Read more about your 14-day refund period here >

*Refund does not include shipping costs

My bracelet is broken or I received something damaged, do I have a warranty?

1. Contact support here
2. Send back your broken/damaged items
3. Receive your new items

Shipping Info

Region/Country Estimated Delivery Time Total Order Amount Shipping Cost
The Netherlands 1-2 Days* Below €50 € 3,95
1-2 Days* €50 and above

Free Shipping

Belgium 1-3 Days* Below €50 € 4,45
1-3 Days*
€50 and above
Free Shipping
Europe 2-7 Days* Below €50 

€ 5,65

2-7 Days*
€50 and above
Free Shipping

Switzerland, Norway

2-5 Days* Below €50 € 5,65
2-5 Days* €50 and above Free Shipping
Rest Of The World 2-11 Days* Below €50 € 5,65
2-11 Days* €50 and above Free Shipping
 *Business days, please also note that our international shipment outside the European Union might have duty fees. These fees are charged by the local government and therefore these charges are the responsibility of the recipient. We advise you to check with local customs offices for import fees, charges and processing time prior to ordering our products.


Payment info

Order payments can be completed using the following secure payment methods: 
- PayPal
Visa, Mastercard or American Express (Stripe)
- Bancontact


Can I pay with my Debit Card(E-banking)?

Yes for countries in Europe, it's possible to pay with your bank's debit card. 

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia or Switzerland
- SoFort Banking


- Bancontact


I accidentally submitted a wrong shipping address... What to do?

We strongly advise you to double-check your order and your shipping information after you made your purchase.

Did you leave wrong shipping details at the checkout? Quickly contact,  so we can change this information before we send it out.

Please note in this case, once we send out the order with an incorrectly given shipping address, we are not liable for packages that fail to arrive.


How do I adjust my bracelet?

- To tighten just simply pull the strings end on each side of the knot.
- To loosen, gently pull the string from the inside while holding on to the knot.

Still, have a question? Please say "hi" at