Isla Ida is a Netherlands-based jewelry brand with a mission to create fun, sustainable jewelry while giving back to those in need along the way.

Where it all started

“Call it fate or just a random meeting with an amazing stranger… something just felt right”.

“This moment sparked a fire in us. We always had a deep appreciation for handcrafted jewelry and creativity, but we didn’t know how to combine this with our passion for charity and environmental causes. Just like that, we took our first step towards building ISLA IDA - named after our guiding light”.


Our mission has always been the same: sell amazing handmade jewelry and do good for the planet & others in need while we’re at it.


All our products are made in fair, safe working conditions and we have the coolest design & manufacturing teams from our home in Europe to various parts in Asia such as China, Indonesia and Thailand.

“Plant trees, help communities in need, support charities worldwide… and wear a style statement that matters.”

Join the Isla Ida family today.